If your best friend is getting married and you have to organize his stag party, make sure that his last night of freedom will be epic! Or, even better, plan a whole weekend of fun for this big event, not just a night! And make sure that you'll choose the right destination.

Want a precious advice? Go visit Bucharest - the capital of Romania and one of the most popular European stag weekend destinations! Why? Because those who think an unforgettable nightlife experience is a perfect fit for a stag party have found on Bucharest something you’ll never find somewhere else in Europe:

  • hot clubbing atmosphere
  • nice party people
  • gorgeous ladies
  • incredible food
  • cheap booze

You'll see that Bucharest nightclub vibe it will definitely give you a good energy from the moment you step in the door of any pub or bar.

Romanians are famous when it comes to having fun and living the moment, so they are considered to be crazy party people. In the hot spot of the city – Bucharest Old City - you'll find for sure plenty of pubs, bars night clubs, dance, cocktails and other drinks and many others party lovers! Bucharest has it all!

But, besides these, you should not miss in Bucharest the next 4 activities:

  1. Tandem skydiving

Yes, we all know the importance of lap dances and debauchery on a stag do! But don't stop just at strippers and booze!

Make sure that your schedule will contain a little bit of adrenaline and give it to the groom the chance to live something unforgettable: jumping about 3000 meters altitude.

This is an activity only for the really committed adrenalin junkies, but the sensation offered by such a big jump is more than unique!

You can be sure that tandem skydiving is one of the best day activities for a stag weekend in Bucharest!

  1. Wakeboarding

If you plan to organize the event from May to September, spice up your stag do in Bucharest and add it to the list one more crazy and extreme activity: wakeboarding.

That will guarantee your stag group a lot of fun and the most hardcore experience of the weekend!

  1. Dracula Castle Tour

You can’t come all the way to Bucharest without going to experience the history and the myth of the most wonderful place of the Carpathian mountains, high in the heart of Transylvania – the Castle of Count Dracula.

Dracula’s Castle, where Bram Stoker’s fictional character is said to have lived, it's also known as Bran Castle and is located high above a valley perched on a rock with a flowing river below.

You need a 2.5 hours drive from Bucharest to get there, but this place definitely worth it! 

  1. Romanian traditional dinner

Romanian cuisine is a diverse blend of different dishes from several traditions of Balkan countries and contains some foods the whole world should know.

Like smoked bacon, grilled sausages, cabbage rolls, pork feast, Greaves with onions,

bean soup with hocks or vegetable soup from Radauti – strongly recommended for the hangover! So if you go in Bucharest on your best friend stag do, don't miss the opportunity to relish a delectable three-course meal in one the most popular restaurants in the Romanian capital.

If you choose Bucharest as the destination for the stag do party and you need help with the organizing, take a look on and you'll find a lot of affordable packages services.

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