Many colleges require the student to draft an essay, often referred to as a personal statement as an important part of their application. These types of essays provide a small glimpse into who you are and what your interest and goals are as a person outside of what the typical application asks.

If you are ready to start writing, but you aren’t sure as to what to write about, the following tips should come in handy.    


 Put down on Paper the Things That Matter the Most to You 

The best way to get started is to start with something simple. Sit down and make a list of the most important things in your life and what matters the most. That can mean your interest, hobbies, what you are most happy about, what you are proud of or maybe even something you’ve had to overcome to get where you are today, and what you hope to accomplish in your life.   

Choose Your Top Three

Now that you have made your list, out of this list highlight the top three that you are the most passionate about in life. These choices will create the foundation for your essay. You should be able to show your personality to admissions and administrators. 

Be Yourself, and Brutally Honest

Keep in mind; you don’t have every detail in your life figured out just yet so you have no reason to act as though you do in your essay. Not many college students have it all together or know what they want in life. This story is about you so you can’t buy a research paper on this topic. It must tell your story, and only you can do that at best. 

Remain focused.

As with anything you are familiar with, you will talk more about because you understand the subject. Keep it simple when writing about yourself. Admissions will already have your details so stick with sharing the aspects of your life that the standard application doesn’t convey.  

Please, please, Proof What You Write.

Ok, so now you have finished with your essay, and you want to submit it and be done with it immediately. Wait! Before you send it to you the right people, read what you wrote, then reread it, slowly. Look for errors and correct them. There may be some parts that sound confusing to those that don't know you. Have a family member or friend read it, too. It always helps to get someone to offer you their honest feedback before your essay goes to the inboxes of very influential people.

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