Just as it is beneficial to purchase flowers from a local flower vendor, it is also beneficial when buying from an international online supplier. It is more advantageous when you buy regularly from the same vendor so as to establish personal relationship with him or her. Those buyers who have established relationships with online flower vendors will actually accept that there are many benefits they enjoy, including discounts, delivery among many others. In this article, we shall look at some of the benefits that you can get when you build a strong relationship with online flower suppliers.


 Can evaluate the flowers for you

Even though you will be buying flowers from someone who is far away from where you are, you get that benefit of knowing exactly the type of flowers you are buying. The flower vendors that you have build a relationship with acts as your personal agent.  

He will be able to evaluate the flowers and ensure that they are in good form before dispatching the m to you. This is mostly done since the vendor will not want to lose you as a client in the eyes of the stiff competition in the flower market. Most clients dealing with lolaflora are actually repeat customer.  This has made the agency to prioritize them, ensuring they get the best flowers when they make an order. By being a friend to the florist, you get a special treatment which first-time buyers can only wish for.  

Customized services

Buying flowers from an international vendor for a long time leads to creation of lasting relationship between the buyer and seller. This allows the seller to understand your tastes and preferences. Also, as a regular client, the vendor will be able to provide you with profitable exhortations such as great discounts. Also, the seller will be able to know the kind of flower you want thus keep them aside just for you. All these are not possible with a one time buyer. This is because the seller would not have known anything about you by the time you are buying the first flowers. He will treat you just like any other buyer.


Sometimes online florists put their prices a little bit high in order to cater for things like domains expenses, delivery expenses among many others. This makes the flowers a little expensive. But if you are a regular buyer and have good relationship, then you will be able to get discounts and other benefits such as free delivery, making the cost of buying the flowers generally low.  

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