When writing an article for your website, you must always get it right when it comes to the position of the keywords. This is because failing to put the keywords in the right position will make it difficult to generate enough back links to your website and thus you might get little traffic. Most of the website owners, however, do not know how to put the keywords in good positions. In this article, we shall look at some of the best tips on choosing the best positions for your keywords.


Choose keywords carefully

According Meramaal, most of the writers fail in choosing keywords simply because they are not careful enough when choosing them. You need to remember that there are some types of keywords which do not do well in articles. Such keywords would include long tail keywords which will give you a hard time in positioning them in your article. At the same time, you need to settle on keywords which have little competition.

Use less keyword

This is another trick that has been mastered by great writers. This is because those websites that have great but few keywords are ranked well than those with many keywords. Experts say that Google keyword position checker is friendlier to those websites that do not overuse the keywords. When your website has optimized a few high quality keywords, then chances of getting great ranking are real high.

Build back links

For you to be able to make your website rank high, you need to have valuable back links to it. You can use meta tag generator in order to generate real and high quality back links which can improve the position of your website. You should avoid cheap shortcuts such as buying low quality back links as this can only help to lower the position of your website.


Your website should be stocked with high quality content for the readers. This will enable search engines to really put your website in a better position on the internet. As matter of fact, websites are about quality. This is because the number of websites that are being created daily are in millions, making competition more stiff. For you to maintain your audience, you need to have high quality content which is engaging and educative as well.

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