Electronica Indeed! 

I heard that when you’re sad you understand the lyrics, however when you’re happy you just enjoy the music… 

What if the music has no lyrics? What if the music is techno, ambient, noise, bass, ocean, jungle or industrial dance? What if its just impressions, gestures and movements of soundwaves?

And so it lead me to listen to Blanka Barbara’s set of seasonal EPs… 

From Winter Awakens to Spring Bouquet to Summer Hideout

 Blanka Barbara is such a great talent, a brilliant composer, pianist and an electronic artist. She has a knack of expressing herself deeply through music. I have read that she was inspired by many cities she has been in: Birmingham, Warsaw, Berlin, Krakow... And with each one she came to rediscover herself and electronic music all over again. She has definitely insurmountably conjoined electronic music with the touch of nature in her Summer Hideout Album.

A few Thoughts on Her Summer Hideout Album  


Truthfully I find her music interestingly intriguing, mysterious, enjoyable and relaxing. Her songs are also excellent music background for movies, school play, theatrical play and short films.  

If you just want to listen to something different, to explore your inner self (maybe while doing Yoga exercises) or to relax and enjoy music, feel it flowing through your body, then listen to her electronica music. Quite a breathe of fresh air I must say. 

  1. Strawberry Fiends track will definitely leave you with dance-able grooves! It’s such a funky music, it’s makes you want to dance to the tune. 
  1. Flying Ocean track on the other hand sounds excellent for narrations especially at the beginning, with the ocean in the background sounding as tangible as it is, then at the middle gives such a catchy beat. That part was quite unexpected.. 
  1. Opium Fumes track is that type of music where you imagine something uncharacteristic or unimaginable will happen to the protagonist of a movie… This one is quite curious actually… 

With that said I highly suggest checking out Blanka Barbara’s webpage:

 Listen to her “Summer Hideout” album on #spotify or #deezer or #applemusic anywhere really 

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