Classroom headphones are intended to be used for improved learning of students but it could cause more problems if not regularly maintained. Sharing classroom headphones can be well-thought-out unhealthy. It is expected that headphones for classroom come in contact with sweat, earwax and dirt that can block up the speakers. It can affect the sound quality of earphones and most importantly, may risk for infection on users as it may carry some germs. This is why it's important to practice proper hygiene on use of classroom headphones.


Why cleaning headphones in the classroom important?

Practicing hygiene on using headphones for classroom will not only contribute in making a healthy classroom for students, but also promote increased durability for your classroom learning equipment. Top 3 reasons why it’s important to practice hygiene on use of headphones are the following:

  1. Bacteria

If headphones are shared by many users, students may be constantly unprotected to different kinds of germs and bacteria. It may be transmitted to one’s ears when it is the user’s turn to use the headphones. Exposure to these bacteria rises the chance to acquire infections in the ear.

  1. Ear Wax

Ears aren’t intended to have some things to be put inside, yet that is precisely what we are doing when we put headphones. Ear buds constrain one’s ears from cleaning itself, thereby earwax accumulates, become impacted and cause infection and hearing problems. It may also clog the speakers and compromise sound quality produced by headphones.

  1. Head lice

These are parasites that live midst man’s hairs. This is not a rare issue among school-aged kids. They're highly contagious and irritating. Too much scratching can also cause infection on scalp. They can barely crawl through your scalp and can spread by sharing caps or headphones. 

How to Clean Headphones?

Cleaning your classroom headphones is vital to keep a healthy learning environment and to keep your listening device in perfect shape and good sound quality. You don’t have to buy expensive cleaning solution to clean it because you can simply mix mild dishwashing detergent and warm water. Use a damped cloth to wipe the headphones with this mixture. If your headphones have detachable silicone covers, take it off and clean separately with a small brush. You can also apply rubbing alcohol to the surface of ear buds with a cotton bud to disinfect. Just remember not to use too much solution because liquid can damage electronics.

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