Crypto currency trade has become one of the leading profit making venture of all time. This has made many people, both seasoned business individuals and ordinary citizens trying to get a slice of the huge profits. This, however, has been hindered by lack of knowledge on how to trade with the crypto currency. Many people with cash have not been able to trade as they have no idea how to start and operate. In this article, we shall look at how to start trading in the crypto currency market, explaining how to open an account, and all the way till trading.


Sign up

The very first stage that anyone who intends to trade in crypto currency needs to do is to sign up. This is equivalent to opening an account with the crypto currencies system. You will need to google the crypto currency, then click on sign up. It will then ask you to put all you bio data, including email address. The purpose of the email address is to enable you confirm your account, as they will send an activation link to the email address so that you can activate it.

You should ensure that the password you use is strong and not easy for someone to correctly guess. It should comprise letters both in the upper and lower case, and also numbers. Remember that if in any case someone correctly predicts your password, then you can be sure of losing all your investment in the crypto currencies.

Deposit funds

After signing up and confirming your account, it is now time to transfer funds into the exchange system. You will first be required to read the terms and conditions of the system and agree to them. After this, you can now proceed to select the currency you want to trade in. after selecting the currency, you will see an icon “deposit/withdraw”. Click on it and safely deposit your money. There are cases where you will be required to deposit through bank wire.

Buying and selling

Once your money has reflected in your account, it is now time to start trading. But it is good noting that trading is not something to take lightly. This is because, any minor mistake you make is costly. You should first analyze the market before trading. It is also important to note that cryptocurrencies are very volatile, so ones you have placed an order, you will get a buyer any time.

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