What should I bring to a wedding dress fitting? You're asking this question because you have probably received your wedding dress and now it's time to go to the fitting. Don't worry because we have put together a short list of what you should bring to the wedding dress showroom near you.

  1. Your Bridal Lingerie- Regardless of what you plan on wearing underneath your wedding dress, make sure you bring your wedding lingerie with you to your fitting. The last thing you want is for your lingerie to be visible when you are in front of your guests on your big day. Plus, you want to make sure you are completely comfortable.

Let's say you are going to wear a corset under your dress. You'll want to make sure any adjustments made will accommodate what you're wearing underneath the dress, which will be your corset. If you don't bring your corset, for example, to your fitting and you have the dress fitted to your body, then it will not fit properly when you put it over your corset. The point is to bring your bridal lingerie to the fitting. 

  1. Your Wedding Shoes- Hemming is one of the most common alterations made to the gown and the professional may shorten it in accordance to how tall you are. This is why it's important to bring your wedding shoes to your dress fitting. Once you try your shoes on with the dress, the tailor will make the appropriate alterations. 
  1. Any Jewelry And Accessories- Are you going to be wearing a headpiece, veil and some jewelry? Maybe you plan on wearing other types of accessories. If so, then you'll need to bring them with you to the fitting. It doesn't matter what accessories or jewelry you will wear, bring them with you. 

You want to see what you look like when you are in your dress and you might want to not wear certain things after you've been to the fitting. For example, your necklace might standout too much, therefore you might not want to wear it. You want to look your best on your big day, which is why knowing what your accessories and jewelry looks like when worn with your dress is important. 

Your bridal lingerie and wedding shows, as well as your jewelry and accessories are all things you'll want to bring to your wedding dress fitting. Every little detail matters. If you're in doubt about a certain item, then bring it along with you.

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