As the number of hair clipper sellers increase, so does the number of cons in the market. Most of these con people be offering you the best deals ever, with amazing offers that you probably can’t refuse. But it is important to understand that a con is just a con. And his work is to get your money. Most of the times; these people will not be selling genuine products. This means the product you buy will not give you the services you had anticipated. In this article, we shall look at some of the ways to avoid these con artists in the market.


Avoid buying from roadside sellers

One great feature of sellers that are not genuine is that you will never find them in an established store. They will always sell their products along the roadside, making it hard to trace him the next time you want to see him. This has always worked in their favor since as they sell to you the fake product, they quickly move to a different location, making it hard for you to find them.

Ask for receipt

Every electronic device you buy, you must ask for a receipt for it. This same rule applies when buying a hair clipper. The receipt is important because it has the details of the seller, making it easy for you to return it in the event you find it to be defective. Also, the receipt can help you involve law enforcers if the seller decides not to acknowledge selling the product to you. There have been instances when con people will sell a hair clipper to you, then follow you later saying you have stolen the clipper from them. This is just the nature of con people. If you have the receipt, you will be able to prove that you actually bought it.

Ask from friends

Another good way of avoiding engaging with con people is asking a friend to refer you to where he bought is hair clipper. This is the best way to get a quality clipper since your friend cannot refer you to a con. Most sellers, including those at TrustedBeasts, value referrals. They will always do the best they can to earn the trust of their customers in order to get these referrals.

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