As a competitor in the judo sport, chances of your judo uniform getting blood stains becomes so real. This can leave your uniform looking bad, making it unattractive. A dirty judo gi can distort your appearance while in the game, making you to attract fewer supporters. Players of this game know the significance of having enough number of supporters cheering you up. In order to get the correct appearance thus the required number of supporters, you need to ensure that your uniform does not have the blood stains. In this article, we shall look at some of the ways of getting rid of blood stains from your judo gi.


Wash immediately after practice

One way of ensuring the stains do not stick to the uniform is by washing it immediately after you have come from practice. This is because, at that time, the stains are still fresh. Any slight disturbance of the stain can easily remove. Taking too long to wash the uniform will make it hard to remove the stains as they would have spread into the fabric of the cotton material used to make the uniform.

Use cold water

In order to remove the stains without making it to spread to other parts of the gi, you need to use cold water. Using warm or hot water can only help accelerate the movement of the stains into the fabric of the uniform. Cold water will help reduce the movement of the stains, making it easy to remove them from the affected points.

Don’t wash with other clothes

When washing a uniform that has been stained by blood, it is important that you wash it alone. You should not mix with other clothes as this can easily make the stains stain other clothes. You should have a different basin with clean cold water to wash the uniform.

Correct detergent

Many people get it wrong when washing their uniforms to remove blood stains. They fail to identify the correct detergent that can easily remove the stains and are quick to use bleachers such as chlorine. Experts recommend use of proper detergents such as hydrogen peroxide, cola, cornstarch among many others which can easily remove the stains.

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