Every year, the number of steroid sellers seems to double. This is because of the large number of people who want to use the supplement. The high demand makes many business people want to venture into the steroid market. This has led to many fake sellers invading the market, making it difficult for anyone to be sure if what he has bought is actually legal anabolic steroids. But as a caution, the manufacturers of these supplements have put specific features that one can use to confirm whether you are buying is genuine or not. In this article, we shall look at some of the ways through which you can verify a genuine steroid.

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Batch number and expiration date

Most of those people manufacturing counterfeit steroids will have no time or money to individually process the batch number for each container containing the legal anabolic steroid. Conventionally, each container must have a unique number.

The cost of processing the number is sometimes high, making those who want to sell fake products to avoid the cost. Additionally, each container with the supplement should have an expiry date. But this is not usually the case with fake products as the cost and time of putting it on the container might not allow fake manufacturers to put them.

Check logo

One thing you will always notice with genuine products is that they will always have the company logo on all their packs.  This is one of the safety features to help customers identify which company they are buying from. When buying from a fake producer, you will never see the company logo. This is because they do not have a registered company from where they can manufacture the supplements. So when you go to buy a steroid, ensure you check the company logo.


Another thing that is common with genuine products is the seals. The seals are carefully put on the lid of the container in order to prevent bacteria from getting into the supplements. When you critically observe these seals, you will notice that they have been tightly put on the container and have clear edges. This is never the case with fake steroids. Most of the times, they do not have seals and even if they have, the seals are very loose making it easy for one to open.

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