Sometimes open wounds are hard to deal with. They are painful, itchy and can cause you a lot of discomfort. Any wrong handling of an open wound, no matter how minor it might be , can leave you with a permanent scar. It is for this reason that medical doctors recommend caution when dealing with an open wound. Good thing is that, an open wound can be dealt with using natural remedies where you do not need the services of a medical officer. In this article, we shall look at some of the easy ways to help you heal your open wound.



Massaging the area around the wound has been proven to be the most effective way of healing an open wound. The massaging is done with either aloe Vera or vitamin E cream which contains a substance called prosurx. Prosurx is a natural cold sore treatment component found in aloe Vera as well as vitamin E cream. When massaging with these two substances, the prosurx will get into the cells and promote healthy growth of the cells. The oxidant component of the prosurx helps fight free radicals that can be affecting the cells.

Keep the wound away from sunlight

One prudent thing to do with your wound is to ensure it is kept away from sunlight at all costs. This is because, apart from making your skin look darker, the UV rays in the sunlight will actually make the wound scars deeper. Medical research has shown that the UV rays slow down the healing process of an open wound. This is because, with the help of the sunlight, free radicals get a chance to quickly move around the body. This rapid movement of the free radicals makes the cells to die quickly, subjecting your skin to early aging.

Keep the scar moist after healing

After healing, there are chances that the scar can become a permanent one. This is most likely undesirable. To make sure that the scar disappears, you need to keep it moist for as long as you can. You can achieve this either by using a bandage or petroleum jelly, both of which will guarantee a moist scar. There are also many moisturizing creams and coconut oils that can help you.

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