If you are a smoker and you are aiming to switch to e-cigs you may have some concerns and doubts. Will you be able to make it? Will e-cigs give you the satisfaction you are getting from smoking traditional cigarettes?

No one says ditching smoking is going to be easy.  You will have to give up your years old addiction to nicotine which is a very difficult thing to do. However, if you are really determined to switch to a less risky habit you should start conditioning your mind to like e-cigs better than cigarettes. Take note of these helpful tips to ensure your success.


Choose a quality e-cig product.

The first logical step to make the big switch is to choose the best e-cigarette product there is. This is to make sure the experience would be a likely and ideal one Imagine how yourself would react if you don’t like vaping on your first try? Be sure to try the best on your first attempt to get into vaping.

Know about the ideal nicotine strength to use.

If your goal is to finally quit smoking for good through vaping, you should be reminded that there is such a thing as nicotine withdrawal symptom. You can only break free from the addiction by lessening your nicotine intake and gradually withdrawing from it. The best strategy is to choose an e-liquid with less nicotine at first and then slowly or gradually lowering it until nicotine is completely ditched from the equation.

Try different flavors.

Fortunately, there are many flavors of e-juice that are available in the market. It would not hurt to try as many as you possibly could. This is one advantage of e-cigs over traditional cigarettes. There would be enough flavors that would suit and please your senses when vaping.

Bring your e-cigarette all the time.

Whenever you feel like wanting to smoke, you should vape. This is why it is advisable to always keep your e-cigs handy wherever you go. Once you sense the urge to smoke, find a designated place and vape. Do not give in to the temptation to smoke again and this is how vaping could be of most help.

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