There are lots of ways to hide your online business from peeking eyes. VPNs and proxies are common solutions for safeguarding your privacy. Threats to cyber security are pertinent these days, and can come from all directions. A VPN offers a fair degree of protection if used properly. In this article you will find several tips to help you protect yourself when you are on the internet.


Kill switch

Some VPN providers offer a kill switch for their VPN. This entails that when the VPN connection is suddenly lost or dropped, data traffic will be cut off immediately to prevent any sensitive information from leaking.

Without a kill switch, your internet traffic will be routed through your regular, unprotected connection once the VPN connection is lost. This can bring forth great privacy and security risks. Therefore, it is generally advised to opt for a VPN provider with a kill switch, like NordVPN.

Remove your cookies

We are neglecting cookies these days. They are often regarded as something small that we should not worry about. But cookies do come with privacy risks. What do cookies do exactly? Cookies facilitate your browsing experience on a site. They can be used to track your movements and actions on the internet, as this enables websites to improve their traffic and increase their sales. Cookies have great advantages (imagine the struggle if we would have to log in to Facebook manually every time we open the application), but we just have to be aware of the privacy risks.


The Onion Router is another great tool to remain anonymous on the internet and to protect your privacy. TOR sometimes has a bad reputation due to it being used for criminal activities. The dark web for instance can be accessed by individuals using TOR. But it also enables whistle blowers to safely communicate without jeopardizing that their identity will be discovered. For regular internet users, TOR is just a nifty tool to remain anonymous. TOR is compatible with many VPN’s, but many would reckon that’s overkill.

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