In November 2016 until December 2016, ‘Balder: Worlds at the Horizon’ was launched to gather investor funding in Kickstarter. Balder 2018 failed to complete enough funding, but its filmmakers intend to continue the project in other ways.

Balder 2018 should have taken inspiration and lead from the following projects that successfully gathered funding from Kickstarter investors. These films were so successful that many of these also received recognitions from award giving bodies.



  1. ‘Under the Dog’

The anime-science fiction thriller gathered more than 12,000 investors in Kickstarter, leading to its success and official release. The story tackled important subjects like homelessness and slavery. The plot was set in 2025, following a fictional 2020 Summer Olympics terrorist attack.

  1. ‘The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint’

This Spike Lee film was a semi-genre movie and discussed the problem about addiction. As the filmmaker puts it, the movie was intended to be humorous, sexy and bloody, all at the same time. Spike even created a pre-production video on how he raised money for the film through Kickstarter.

  1. ‘Blue Mountain State: The Movie’

The movie went to Kickstarter to gather funds for the production of this feature length comedy flick. As the title implies, it is based on a popular TV series, which aired for three seasons prior to its abrupt cancellation. The makers of the film had to negotiate with the TV producers to attain the rights to make this movie before going to Kickstarter for the funding.

  1. ‘Wish I Was Here’

The dramatic comedy stars Zach Braff, who also directed the film. In an interview, Zach admitted that although he was asking for investors’ fund to get budget for the movie, he wanted full freedom over the creatives. He intended the film to resume the tone set by ‘Garden State,’ a previous movie project he completed years before.

  1. The Veronica Mars Movie Project

The most successful Kickstarter project for film has been this one, which attracted over 91,000 investors and gathered almost $6 million in budget. The campaign was launched and completed in the crowdsourcing platform in April 2013.

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