Are you finally making the big switch from smoking to using vape? Congratulations as you have made a good decision. At this point, you should understand that vaping is totally different from smoking. For one, you have to learn many activities that are necessary for using and taking care of the vaping device.

Do not be overwhelmed. Get into the learning curve and make the new hobby work wonders. Here are some useful tips that would guide new vape users into the right direction.

Disassemble the vaping device every night.

This is not a tedious and complicated task. As a beginner, develop the habit of doing this every night. Remove the vape tank or atomizer especially after filling it during the day with e-liquid. Doing so would prevent spilling or leakage from happening. If you don’t do this, the remaining or precipitating juice in the tank might eventually make contact with the button or worse find its way to the battery, which would lead to the device’s destruction.

Avoid cracking of the tank.

Responsible retailers should warn new vape users that all vaping tanks are not created equally. Thus, in reality, it is not advisable to fill some stone tanks with certain e-juices. Plastic tanks may crack when filled with specific juices. Clarify this issue with the seller before completing a purchase. In general, cinnamon and menthol are common e-liquid flavors that usually cause cracking in some tanks.

Learn to maintain the e-liquid properly.

The e-juice you use for vaping also requires proper handling and use. First, always remember to shake the e-liquid before putting it into the vaping tank. Doing so would help ensure that the nicotine and other ingredients are effectively mixed. Second, don’t let the e-liquid be exposed to direct sunlight because it can lower the intensity of the nicotine contained in the mixture. Lastly, don’t leave the e-liquid bottle open for more than 30 minutes as it would affect the flavor of the e-liquid.

Always monitor the batteries.

Whether you are using starter batteries or the more expensive ones, be sure not to let the battery run out of power before replacing it. Before your vape’s battery die out, immediately connect it to the charger.

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