Terrible! Zombies are everywhere on the road. They really want to destroy anyone who only needs to appear on the way. With Zombie Night Madness 2, you will be alone to fight waves of toxic zombies and try to survive on the dangerous road. Try your best to drive your car as fast as possible and shoot down all toxic zombies in the game.

Don’t forget to avoid deadly obstacles because they can destroy your car immediately. In this game, many wonderful feelings are waiting for you on friv Games online. Play online and for free with a similar game such as Earn to Die at friv4shool 2017 now!


Use arrow keys, WASD to move, the mouse to aim or shoot.

Zombie is a fictional undead character. Some people believe that when people die, part of their mind still works. This part manipulates their own body so as to find a basic need - the food. Zombies are one of the most common topics used in horror and fantasy genre works. Many people from all over the world are keen on this fictional character. And if you are one of them, you cannot skip Zombie Night Madness 2 - a famous game at Friv 4

In this game, you will turn into a zombie hunter. Your city is occupied. You are the only person who is still alive. So in this game, your primary mission is to drive safely your car out of the city. However at friv online game, these zombies are brutal and hungry. They will chase you and block your way unless you kill them all by using your car in order to shoot or hit them.

This city is devastated; many remnants of the city's former glory are left on the way. Observe carefully so as to avoid the collisions. Don't forget to take the fuel. This is a long journey and you need those powers so as to complete your mission. Each energy container has a different range. Control your vehicle as if you were a real racer and win this game.

Don't forget to share the game with your acquaintances and together have the best time at friv Games 2017.

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