Establishing a relationship with your dog can be fun and sometimes a struggling experience. There is ways to make this a bit easier through these tactics.

  1. Pay attention when your dog is just a puppy: Your puppy can tell when he/she has your undivided attention, just like humans. Rather than sit and scratch his head while you watch TV or play online, put a little effort into some belly rubs and watch how much your dog appreciate your efforts.
  2. Spend one-on-one quality time together: That means motivating training sessions, going for long walks, or maybe even sitting and hanging out with your best buddy. Whatever you choose, be sure to remain active for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Communication is vital to having a strong bond: One of the first steps to having a healthy relationship with your dog is to engage in a good communication strategy. That means remaining steady with your training cues. When you share a better understanding of one another, the bond between you will be much stronger.
  4. Remember your dog is more attentive to what you are doing rather than what you are saying: When trying to communicate with your dog, use visual signs more than vocal signs if possible. Remember, your dog is always paying attention, so with training be sure to make every moment count.
  5. Dogs require training every day: Every dog craves and needs mental stimulation, and they love having something to do. Since your canine friend is always learning and watching you, go the extra mile to make the most of every moment. Whether you are teaching her a new trick or enforcing an obedience exercise during walks, be sure to utilize the time to have him learn something with every opportunity.

There is always room for building a better relationship with your dog. Spending time together while enjoying each other company is always the best.

  1. Schedule some fun time in the day too: Your pup needs a little time to romp and stomp around and just be goofy. Playing multiple games will help stimulate your dog's body and mind while strengthening your bond.
  2. Understand and acknowledging your dog's body language: All good relationships involve listening to one another. Pay attention to what your canine is trying to convey to you by learning how dogs often communicate through their bodies. Everything from what position her tail is to how slow or fast he is wagging it- all means something.

Even the direction of their ears tells a story. Just about every part of a dogs body is a sign of how it is feeling or thinking, so you may want to pay close attention. Is your dog panting too hard? Is her nose wet or dry?

There are reasons for everything a dogs body does. You just need to educate yourself about what signs to look for and why it is happening. A Dog really is a families best friend.  

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