Are you in a financial distress because of your high-level of debts? You are not alone. You can seek and obtain necessary assistance or guidance if you know where to get one. An informed decision and action will surely spell a difference.

But where can you actually seek and get help regarding your debt problems? You may approach three types of agencies or institutions to obtain the help you need. These include a debt management or financial counseling agency, the debt collecting firm, and an appropriate government office.  


Debt management counselor

Anyone who is into debt trouble may consult a debt management counselor. It may not be hard to find one as there surely can be a debt management counseling agency in your area.

The counselor can provide a counseling service that is not just timely but also informative and reliable. The counseling session can cover every available option there is to handle the debt problem. You might be surprised about those possible choices to take that can effectively help you emerge out of debts.

Debt collectors

Nothing is wrong with trying to approach debt collection agencies that may be harassing you. When your debt has reached the agency, you may no longer be able to haggle with the creditor as the account has already been forwarded to the collector. This means you may have a greater chance of getting into a deal concerning your debt.

Debt collectors can be more open to logical and attractive settlement. You may lessen the dues and pay only the principal without the interests. At times, you may be able to meet half way. Collectors and creditors may possibly allow you to just pay how much you can afford to settle the debt. That can be better than not having to pay at all. Explore the possibilities by first approaching debt collectors. 

Specific consumer protection agencies of the government

There are specific government agencies that provide consumer protection. You can easily and directly approach their offices. If you are annoyed or harassed by the misconduct of debt collectors, you may file a complaint. You can also seek dispute resolution and bankruptcy. And of course, you may obtain legal advice especially regarding government regulations for consumer credit.

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