Many individuals would want to purchase used computers. This is usually due to lack of enough money to buy a new computer. However, most of these people end up struggling without getting a computer because they do not know where to get one. Here in this article, we shall look at the avenues through which one can easily get a refurbished computer.

From the local computer store

Most sellers of new computers will also stock refurbished ones. This is in order to sell to both those who want brand new ones and those who want used computers. You should thus visit the local computers store and enquire whether they are selling restored computers.


Apple store

On the apple store home page, there is a place for “special deals”. Here, you can find refurbished MacBook pro 2.5 ghz, iPods and even iPads. All the refurbished computers on the Apple store are tested and certified.

You are therefore guaranteed of getting a quality desktop or laptop computer. Unlike other places and stores where you can get a refurbished computer at any time, those on the Apple store are always limited in supply. You should therefore waste no time when you see one deal on their site.

Lenovo outlet store

At a Lenovo store, you are guaranteed of finding a refurbished computer. This is because, the laptop maker always has three kinds of refurbs. These include:

  • New items that cancelled orders
  • Redistributed items that were returned unused
  • Dent items that have been fully refurbished

All the computers available at the Lenovo store will be labelled to show which category it belongs in. this is to help you choose the one you want.

HP outlet

One of the site where refurbished computers are really being bought is the HP site. Here, you will always see the statement “While stock lasts”, and it is true. This company has the best refurbished computers in the market. At HP outlets, you can get a great refurbished MacBook pro 2.5 ghz with a layaway plan. Most people use this plan in order not to miss the great deals that the company offers.

The good thing with most sellers of used computers is, they offer the same warranty on their items as those of brand new ones. You will always have a one year warranty on the computers you buy. Also, most of them have a 21 days return policy within which you can take back the computer and take another one or be compensated your money.

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