Have you ever noticed that in almost all the Vikings-themed movies that you have seen, the name and character of Odin is always featured or mentioned? In many cases, he is a prominent character in a movie, and in some occasions, he is not among the main characters but association with him of prominent characters are established.


Odin is among the most enigmatic and complex characters not just in Norse mythology but also in all of the world’s literature. He is the leader of the deities’ tribe of Aesir and is the ruler of Asgard. In his own adventures, Odin is known for venturing into his own wanderings and journeys outside his kingdom. This puts him and his men into extreme and interesting adventures.

Odin is a seeker and giver as well of wisdom. But sticking to his Vikings background, he is also noted for having little or no regard for communal values like fairness, justice, and respect for the convention and the law. He wants the world to run in his own terms, in his own ways, and he thinks he does not need to abide by any rule; instead, he wants to be the law.

Deity like no other

As a god of rulers, Odin is a divine patron of leaders and even of outcasts. He is known as a war god, who often speaks in poetry, and is characterized by prominent effeminate traits that would always bring about embarrassment and awkwardness to the Norse history.

Above all, he is the god of Vikings and Norsemen who are looking for prestige, nobility, and honor. But despite that, he is also cursed for his fickle trickster ways. There could never be another literary figure that could be as complicated yet intriguing as him.

Balder 2018

Again, Odin’s character is giving interest to another movie that is being developed. ‘Balder: Worlds at the Horizon’ is a fantasy film project about Balder, who is noted as a son of Odin. Thus, it is expected that he would exhibit several traits of his father especially because the film is about his journey and adventures.

Balder 2018 ( is a short film, lasting just about 30 minutes at most. Yet, it is to be considered as an important one as it would establish the character as another prominent personality in Norse mythology. Balder is to be created by filmmakers Magnus Backstrom and Erik Logfren.

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