Many individuals who have ever attended a court of law might have wondered why the barrister is the only one prosecuting and defending clients. Some still wonder if both the barristers and solicitors are trained lawyers. Actually, the public needs to know that both a barrister and a solicitor are lawyers, trained perhaps in same schools and practicing the same law.


Actually, the solicitors have been recently allowed to practice law in high courts. This has only helped to increase the competition between barristers and solicitors. But there are certain reasons why you will always see a barrister in court, and not the solicitor. This is mostly because of the cost. In this article, we shall look at some of the reasons that make the barrister a cheaper option when compared to the solicitor.


The first difference in pricing comes in the way the two go about when charging their clients. A solicitor will charge a client per hour. This simply means that you will be required to pay for all the number of hours the solicitor spent on the case. He will not be so mindful whether it was his mistake, that of a judge or any other unavoidable reasons.

This makes him a very expensive lawyer anyone can ever want to hire. A direct access barrister on the other hand charges for the entire case. He does not look at how long the case might take. He is usually mindful to the fact that some of the reasons for delay cannot be attributed to you.

Double payment

Another reason why it is expensive to hire a solicitor is because he himself does not represent anyone in a court of law. Once he takes your case, he will carry out proper research into the case to gather as much evidence as possible. After having all he needs to prosecute the case, he will then direct a barrister to prosecute the case on his behalf. This means, the case has to be handled by two lawyers. Since he is the one with the case, he will charge you more so as to get money to pay the barrister. When you are dealing directly with a barrister, you only pay him alone. So he will not be asking for a lot of money from you.

Another reason why a solicitor charges a lot of money is because he does not get a lot of clients regularly. He is forced to charge more for the few clients he gets in order to pay his bills.

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